We are a family run beekeeping business based on Exmoor dedicated entirely to bees

We use Buckfast theory and selection tools/methods to breed our bees and the result
is an excellent strain of honey bee that is a pleasure to work with.
They are docile, easily managed and have a low swarming index.

This creates a large colony population yet is thrifty with its stores
and of course gives a high honey production.

Exmoor Queens
Quality Mated Buckfast Queens
Great Traits
Next day delivery
Full After Sales Advice

Exmoor Bees

6 Frame Starter Nucs
3lb Package Bees
Working Hives (limited stock)
Full After Sales Advice
Honey comb

Our queens are available from mid may (weather permitting) till late september, but as demand for queens usually far exceeds supply, it is necessary to reserve your queens as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Contact us: enquiries@exmoorbeesandbeehives.co.uk

Telephone 01643 863109 Mobile 07484 819432

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