Welcome to our website - with my wife and five sons we run our family beekeeping business
We are based within the beautiful Exmoor National Park on the west Somerset/Devon border

Our business is dedicated entirely to all aspects of beekeeping, from the production of top quality national cedar hives, five frame starter nuc’s of bees, Queen bees and Buckfast Queens. They are all reared and mated in our own apiaries and of course honey production is also a very important part of our business.

We have been manufacturing and supplying quality National hives and bees for many years, supplying beekeeping associations and our own personal customers, many of whom we have built up a personal relationship with regards to their beekeeping needs and interests over the years.
We are always happy to chat to any of our customers and potential customers during the evening.
So if you call and it’s engaged, please keep trying, I have to stop talking eventually!

Our quality National hives are constructed from select western red cedar, which is the best timber money can buy for hive production due to it’s extremely good durability, and light weight, plus have a very attractive appearance.
We select, sawmill, kiln dry and machine all our own timber, for both frames and hives.
This ensures we get the quality and exact dimensions of timber we need to produce top quality national hives.

Athough we will usually always carry a few hives in stock, they are not mass produced as in a factory, this way attention to detail can be maintained. Each hive is assembled, sanded and finished to a high standard…...with special emphasis on customer satisfaction. This includes full back up with regards to any advice you may need, especially new beekeepers in their early days of beekeeping.
Please contact me via email or telephone with your questions, queries or worries regarding any aspect of beekeeping and I will answer them all.

We will also be running a few small hands on beekeeping courses (1 to 5 people) covering general beekeeping for beginners and also what I believe to be the important subject of rearing your own Queen bees, from setting up a cell raising colony, grafting, setting up mating nucs, in fact everything you will need to know to produce your own Queens. Full details to follow.

Contact us: enquiries@exmoorbeesandbeehives.co.uk / Telephone 01643 863109