We are a family run beekeeping business based on Exmoor dedicated entirely to bees,
beekeeping and the production of quality National beehives.

We make and supply beehives made from specially selected western red cedar wood.
All the timber we use is saw milled and kiln dried by ourselves.
This ensures we also get the timber to the exact dimensions we need for good quality hive production.

Our workshops are geared up only for the production of National bee hives and frames and nothing else.

Our beehives contain NO harmful wood preservatives and will last for many decades

Exmoor Beehives
Locally sourced and grown timber
Hives made for you and not massed produced  
Easily maintained and pleasing to the eye  
Low maintenance
Ideal for the garden or the specialist

Exmoor Bees

5 Frame Starter Nucs
Quality mated Buckfast Queens
Full after sales advice
Honey comb
Our aim is to produce a quality handmade product by our own family craftsmen
easily maintainable which will give you a long term home for your colony of honey bees
for years to come.
We also sell National brood boxes, supers and bee hives all at great prices.

Contact us: enquiries@exmoorbeesandbeehives.co.uk / Telephone 01643 863109 mobile 07484819432

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